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International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP

International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

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Post-conference Workshops

Given by Professor Ella Arensman
President of IASP

Awareness of Depression and Suicidal Behaviour: A Gatekeeper and Train-The-Trainer Programme for professionals working in mental health and community based services

This workshop is suitable for professionals working in mental health and
community based services.

In essence, gatekeepers open the gate to help for people at risk of suicide. Gatekeepers are individuals within mental health and community based services who may be in a position to identify people at risk of suicide by recognising risk factors for suicide. Early identification of suicide risk is crucial in order to prevent self-harm and is the starting point of suicide prevention.

Content of the Gatekeeper training programme:
The Gatekeeper training programme is subdivided into:

Knowledge and skills related aspects:

Practical and interactive elements on questions such as:

Recommended reading:
- Hegerl U, Wittenburg L, Arensman E, Van Audenhove C, Coyne J, McDaid D, et al. Optimising Suicide Prevention Programs and Their Implementation in Europe (OSPI Europe): an evidence-based multi-level approach, BMC Public Health 2009; 9: 428.

- Scheerder G, Van Audenhove C, Arensman E, Bernik B, Giupponi G, Horel AC, et al. Community and health professionals’ attitude toward depression: a pilot study in nine EAAD countries. International Journal of Social Psychiatry 2011; 57: 387-401.

- Isaac M, Elias B, Katz LY, Belik SL, Deane FP, Enns MW, et al. Gatekeeper training as a preventative intervention for suicide: a systematic review. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 2009; 54: 260-268.

In all partcipating countries accreditatiion has been obtained for this training programme.

For further information, you can contact Wendy Orchard, admin@iasp.info

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