IASP Task Force - Suicide and Older People

Suicide is not only a youth problem. In fact, studies show that, in many countries, suicides rates among elderly persons are higher than or as high as young people. However, suicide in old age is a much neglected area. Considering that the number and proportion of the senior population will increase significantly in coming decades (not only in financially wealthy countries, but also in poorer countries), it is probable that the absolute number of suicides in this group will increase accordingly. During the IASP Congress in Durban, it was therefore proposed to create a Task Force on Elderly Suicide Prevention.


Suggested chairpersons

Planned activities


If any of IASP's members would like to contribute actively to this task force or are aware of prevention projects focusing on suicide in older adults, they are kindly asked to contact Sylvie Lapierre (Sylvie.Lapierre@uqtr.ca) or Annette Erlangsen (aer@ncrr.dk).