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IASP Task Forces

IASP Task Forces offer the opportunity for our community of members, researchers, professionals, lay people and volunteers to focus deeply on a specific aspect of suicide and suicide prevention. Please browse the following links to see the work of these groups:

This Task Force has been created to improve research and practice linkages between experts in suicide, psychiatry, and emergency medicine.

This Task Force aims to bring together suicidologists with a clear interest in neurobiological aspects of suicidal behaviour and to stimulate research in this domain.

This Task Force was established to best explain how suicides are tabulated in national database/vital registry systems.

This Task Force establishes guidelines that promote the accurate, responsible and ethical reporting of suicide in the media.

Learn about this Task Force created to bring together the available knowledge and expertise on suicidal behaviour in prisons in order to facilitate the wider dissemination of the fundamentals of effective suicide prevention in prisons.