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World Suicide Prevention Day - 10th September, 2005

2005 WSPD

Examples of local activities submitted from around the world:

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Denmark Germany Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Japan Nepal Norfolk Korea Scotland Switzerland United Kingdom USA

Australia: AISRAP in association with CAPS (Community Action for Prevention of Suicide Inc)
CAPS is hosting a free public forum. Presentations include seminars, workshops and lectures on topics such as: Indigenous suicide, current trends, intervention strategies, prevention, and postvention/bereavement, youth suicide. Expert speakers include the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, University of Queensland School of Nursing, the Chair of the Australian National Advisory Council on Suicide Prevention, and the Chairperson of Suicide Prevention Australia. Representatives of AISRAP will be in attendance throughout the day. Wristbands advertising the event are being distributed prior to the event and will be available on the day.

Australia: University of Western Australia
At present in Australia, anecdotal reports to a greater extent informs professional practice regarding the use and perceived effectiveness of suicide prevention contracts. From these reports, it appears that most practitioners at some time have used a form of suicide prevention contracting. With virtually no Australian research attention given to what appears to be a commonly used prevention practice, a National survey of community mental health practitioners will seek to better understand the technique.

Austria: Viennese Crisis Intervention Center
Media-workshop ‘Mass-media Reporting on Suicide’: We are organizing a workshop for journalists providing them with information about suicide prevention, imitational effects, crisis intervention, influence of media reports on suicidal behavior and suicide media coverage. One key feature will be the presentation of the recently revised guidelines ‘How to Report on Suicide’. In order to improve the cooperation between the Viennese Crisis Intervention Center and Austrian journalists we will post regularly updated suicide statistics of Vienna, Austria and the EU on our website (www.kriseninterventionszentrum.at). (Etzersdorfer, Voracek & Sonneck: Arch. Suic. Res. 8 (2004) 137-145)

Belgium: Suicide Prevention Project of the Mental Health Centres
On Friday 9 September we will hold a public debate with a panel discussion, entitled 'Hold On, Take Care', regarding the necessary support and the development of chains of care for suicidal people and their relatives. Members of the panel are a GP, mental health workers, ex-suicidal patient, and a survivor. Aim is to raise awareness within the sector to increase the care for suicidal people. Target audiences are the health and social sector and the police. In conjunction with this national (Flemish) event, an exhibition of a variety of social organisations will be held. In addition, there will be a press release to announce to next Suicide Survivor Day.


Brasil: Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Serviço de Psiquiatria e Vice-Presidência Médica
We will carry the "World Suicide Prevention Week" in our hospital; it will comprise three days of activities related to the prevention of suicidal behaviors. On September 8th we will deliver a brief training on suicide prevention for the clinical personnel of the hospital (including nursing attendants, nurses, etc.). On September 9th and 10th two lectures will be presented (by Prof. Roosevelt Cassorla, M.D., Ph.D., and Prof. Neury J. Botega, M.D., Ph.D., both from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas [UNICAMP])regarding the psychological aspects of suicidal behaviors and its impact on the healthcare team (Prof. Cassorla), and the detection, assessment, and management of suicidal subjects (Prof. Botega). The event will end with a multidisciplinary discussion about the prevention of suicide in the general hospital setting (with the presentation of clinical vignettes).

Canada: Distress Centre Durham
We are having a 5km Walk for Suicide Awareness in Whitby. This will be a fundraising event for Distress Centre Durham so that they may continue with the programs that they have in place and also to create new ones for Suicide Awareness. This 5km walk will be held in Whitby, Ontario starting at the Whitby Heydenshore Pavillion and will do a circular route along the waterfront ending back at the pavillion. At that time we will offer a complimentary Barbecue and after lunch and then will have a Remembrance Ceremony.

Canada: Embrace Life Council Isaksimagit Inuusirmi Katujjiqatigiit
We will be having contacts in all Nunavuts 26 communities and encouraging walks, singing the song Sapiliqtailigit which means Don't Give Up and providing $300.00 to communities for tea, coffee, juice, snacks or prizes for games as a means to celebrate life. We will encourage the communities to hold hands in a circle as a means to encourage supporting each other to embrace life. Partners include the RCMP and the Government of Nunavut.

Canada: Vancouver Suicide Survivors Coalition
For the second year, the Vancouver Suicide Survivors Coalition in British Columbia, Canada is asking libraries and bookstores to honour World Suicide Prevention Day with a book/poster/brochure display. The idea is simple - we provide a WSPD poster and bookmarks along with brochures from agencies listed on the bookmarks. Local libraries and bookstores then create a display with books from their collection. The display can be as simple as a book carousel in the middle of a traffic area with poster on top or a table or book trolley pushed up against a wall with the poster on it. We also provide a book list of titles that are recommended by survivors and mental health professionals. Having the books right next to the poster encourages folks to browse without the barrier of stigma silently keeping them from asking for staff help. The feedback from the librarians and bookstore owners who participated last year was that the time they put into making space for the display in their often cramped quarters and pulling the books was absolutely worth it. Their enthusiastic support is also an indication that the public is ready to break the silence as they realize that suicide is an issue we must - and can - address. This year we are expanding the project to include local hospitals and appropriate church libraries. Below are links to our poster, bookmark, book list and the core graphic for those interested in creating their own poster. The poster and bookmark front are set up so anyone can easily modify them for their own use. Communities in B.C. can use them as is. Outside of B.C. it is easy to cover the B.C. information with local contacts and sponsor logos, if there isn’t a local ‘techie’ to do it the fancy way. Note that currently the 1-800-Suicide only works in B.C. though CASP is working on a project to expand it nationwide. 1. Poster (8.5 x 14) http://members.shaw.ca/bballrjb/WSPDPoster8.5x14.pdf 2. Bookmark sample: http://members.shaw.ca/bballrjb/Bookmark-%20Vancouver.pdf 3. Bookmark front (add local resources on the back): ttp://members.shaw.ca/bballrjb/WSPDbookmark.pdf 4. Book list: http://members.shaw.ca/bballrjb/Booklist2005.doc 5. Core graphic: http://members.shaw.ca/bballrjb/WSPDgraphicsmall.jpg

Canada: Embrace Life Council Isaksimagit Inuusirmi Katujjiqatigiit
The objective of the event will be to celebrate life, to create awareness of suicide as an issue where solutions can be identified at the community level; to encourage teamwork within communities, and be a media campaign for youth not to give up. Each community will be requested to: - do a walk and to hold hands in a similar manner as the embrace life council logo; - fly the newly created Embrace life flag; - celebrate Nunavut Embrace Life Day by providing refreshments and prizes for games; - post the newly created Poster with Jordan Tootoos image and Kamatsiaqtut’s Helpline number; - distribute wristbands with the words "embrace life" and Brochures for youth entitled embracing life: this is who i am, which includes images of youth and quotes with their perspectives.

Canada: St. John's United Church in Thompson, Manitoba

Canada: Suicide Prevention Resource Centre
1) Aboriginal Healing Circle with Elder Leading ceremony. Drumming and Dancing will be a part of the healing. 2) Resource Awareness March. Participants will wear ribbons on a finger ("don't forget") carry banners and signs relaying "help" messages and we will march through downtown Grande Praire stopping at different resource centres along the way describing who they are and what they do to the march participants. We finish off at the park where we started to enjoy Elk Stew. 3) The Grande Prairie STORM, an Alberta Junior Hockey League Team will dedicate their Game on Sept. 10th to Suicide Prevention. We will have an announcer to provide some stats on Suicide world wide and regionally. Then a video presenting NHL legend Ron Ellis will be shown an a big screen at the end of the ice relaying a message of encouragement to reach out for help if you are overwhelmed. Then, as the screen displays help messages and regional resources, the crowd will be told to cheer loud and long to let those people in crisis hear our message of hope, that we care and that we will help them find the help they need. 4) 2 Local Alternative Rock Bands will do a show in Muskoseepi Park. Prizes will be drawn for, Help messages and resource information will roll on a big screen above or beside the bandstand. Crisis line cards, Yellow ribbon cards and other local agency help cards will be available to the youth attending. We hope to reach many high risk groups in our communities. Other associated events will be occuring throughout our health region,reaching librairies, and schoolsin association with the events held in Grande Prairie. Limited addition T-Shirts will be created for WSPD. A tent will be available for WSPD information during Alberta Cenntenial Celebrations on Sept. 1st. in Grande Prairie reaching another large section of the communities. We will have posters and T-shirts availble as well as resource information.


Denmark: PsykiatriFonden/The Danish Mental Health Fund
A full-day conference on suicide prevention. Ten lecturers on different aspects of prevention possibilities among children, young people and elderly, researh results, the link between mental illness and suicide, experiences among those who are left behind etc. The conference is planned to be opened by the patroness of the Danish Mental Health Fund, HRH Crown Princess Mary, and media prize will be awarded for the best journalistic cover of the suicide issue. The conference will be held in Danish, except for the representative of WHO Europe, Matt Muijen, who will give his speech in English. For more details (in Danish) see www.psykiatrifonden.dk

Germany: Freunde fuers Leben e.V.
Charity festival "Freunde fuers Leben" on September 9th at Fritzclub Berlin (http://www.frnd.de/festival) with press meeting (10 am), workshops, exhibition and discussion groups (12-6 pm) and pop concert (8 pm)

Hong Kong: The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK)
In collaboration with our counterparts all over the world to promote the prevention of suicide, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong will organize a mass program "Parent-child Heartily Play Day" on 10 September 2005 at Level 2 of Ma On Shan Plaza. The aim is to encourage the public to care for the people around them especially within a family. "Prevention of suicide is everybody’s business" and it is likely to be started from the family. Parents could discuss with their children about daily life and emotion experience through games. Participants are encouraged to try two SBHK made play kits: "Emotion Game" and "Life Journey" during the program. Participation is free of charge. Should you like to know more about the program, you may contact Ms. Carol Chan on (852) 2341 7227/.email to carecarol@sbhk.org.hk.

India: Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum
Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum is a body of doctors of the institute concerned with health and development and takes up many health campaigns. Dr.K.Suresh, President and Dr.K. Ashok Reddy, associate Professor of Psychiary will address the media at Press club, Hyderabad, India in connection with the World Suicidal Preention Day 2005. Plans to start a ' First Aid Course in Suicidal Crises' will be revealed.

Ireland: The 3Ts - Turning the Tide of Suicide
Candlelight Vigil to be held on the eve of World Suicide Prevention in the centre of Dublin City. The evening will include music by the Vedres Quartet, song by the Dublin Male Welsh Choir, guest speakers and a minute's silence to loved ones lost through suicide. venue: Bank of Ireland Forecourt College Green Dublin 2 Friday 9th September 8-9pm for further information contact: email: 3ts@alburn.com, tel: +353 1 2139905 - www.3ts.ie

Italy: Dip. Di Psichiatria - Ospedale Sant’Andrea - Università di Roma "La Sapienza" & McLean Hospital - Harvard Medical School, Boston,MA, USA
We are planning a meeting on 14 September 2005 presenting lectures by various research in the field of suicidology aiming to increase public awareness on suicide prevention and the motto of the seminar will be Suicide prevention is everybody's business.


Japan: LIFELINK, Suicide Prevention Action Network Japan
We will hold a symposium entitled "What Can We Do to Prevent Suicide?" on September 10, 2005 with a co-sponsorship of WHO and Johnson & Johnson as a joint promotor, at United Nations University in Tokyo. Attendants will be those engaging with suicide prevention activities such as doctors, consultants, public officers, etc., but not limited to such personnel. We will welcome supporters of our suicide prevention activities, survivors as well. The conference will start from 10:00 and end at 17:00. The progoram will start from opening greeting by Mr. Shizimu, our president and congratulatory speech will follow by Mr. T. Yamamoto, Upper house member. Then, lectures of"Finland report-reduction of suicide ratio by 30%" and "Link of survivors has changed suicide prevention policy in US". In the afternoon, activities in Japan will be reported and free discussion is expected thereafter. This conference is the first time held in Japan as the formal conference in line with the World Suicide Prevention Day in 2005, and we belive this would be epoch-making event in Japan in terms of suicide prevention.

Korea, Republic of: Korean Association for Suicide Prevention
Greeting the WSPD 2005 presented by IASP and WHO on Sept 10th 2005 we are going to hold the "Suicide Prevention Day" commemoration and events as a publicity work for the Korean Government and people. In this event the Minister of Health and Welfare and religious, medical, educational leaders will be present. "The award for Loving Life" is given to an individual or organization for outstanding service and invaluable contributions to suicide prevention during the year of 2004 in four fields - services, culture, report, and academic researches. We will have a press conference about the commemorative ceremony of the WSPD and the award for Loving Life. and we will announce "the 7 major declarations of defending the life" that political, religious, medical, and educational leaders have approved. Guidebook for youth suicide prevention, brochures, and various books will be on display in the convention hall.

Nepal: National Association for Suicide Prevention and Research(NASPAR)
Open lectures for police officers.

Norfolk Island, South Pacific: Norfolk Island Hospital Enterprise
I will present the LivingWorks program "Suicide TALK", an exploration in suicide awareness. It aims to create to create a community climate of awareness and and interest in learning more about a wide range of suicide prevention activities. To be held on 10th September. I will also write an article for "The Norfolk Islander" local paper and discuss WSPD in a radio interview for Radio Norfolk.

Scotland: Choose Life
A range of national and local events will be taking place all over Scotland from 5-10 September 2005 to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. Scotland’s participation in ISPAW (International Suicide Prevention Awareness Week) is being coordinated and led by "Choose Life" - the Scottish Executive’s National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland. For example On Monday 5 September, the Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care, Lewis Macdonald MSP, will launch the start of ISPAW in Scotland at Hyndland Secondary School, Glasgow. This is the formal national media launch of Scotland’s interest in and commitment to ISPAW. The event is aimed at both national and local media. A new Choose Life website www.chooselife.net is also being launched along with an on-line "toolkit" with examples of resources that can be used by professionals, communities and individuals to help prevent suicide. On Tuesday 6 September, Caroline Farquhar, the Head of Implementation for Choose Life will attend a photocall at Inverness Caledonian Thistle’s Caledonian Stadium. This will also feature star players and the club manager as well as media volunteers who will be available to speak about their own experience of suicidal behaviour. It will also see the launch of football cards which have been developed in association with the Scottish Football Association to raise awareness, particularly among young men, of suicide prevention. The card features the message "Help a friend stay in the game" and provides a range of helpline numbers, including Breathing Space. A copy of the football card is enclosed for information. On Saturday 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day, players of Livingston FC will support suicide prevention awareness raising work, by wearing Choose Life wristbands, which advertise the new Choose Life website www.chooselife.net The wristband, which is also being distributed across Scotland by local Choose Life Coordinators, is enclosed for information. A number of football clubs will also distribute the "Help a friend stay in the game" cards at matches on 10 September and beyond.


Switzerland: Association STOP SUICIDE
Avec plusieurs communes du canton de Genève (Suisse), STOP SUICIDE organise une campagne de sensibilisation de la population au fléau du suicide, grâce à des affiches inspirées de Freunde fürs Leben. Cette campagne a pour but de rappeler que chacun à un rôle à jouer : le suicide nous concerne toutes et tous ! Grâce au site Internet www.10septembre.ch, chacun-e pourra également trouver les informations nécessaires d'aide. Enfin, une soirée de rencontre avec Dr. Gérard SALEM, psychiatre, et M. Florian IRMINGER, secrétaire de STOP SUICIDE, aura lieu le 15 septembre 2005. Plus d'informations : http://www.10septembre.ch/presentation

United Kingdom: PAPYRUS (Prevention of Suicides)
PAPYRUS will launch HOPElineUK, our helpline, on 9th September 2005. Staffed by professionally qualified advisers, it will provide information for parents, carers, friends, teachers and others who are worried that someone they know may be suicidal. www.papyrus-uk.org

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Samaritans charity has 203 branches in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Samaritans branches are linking any local initiatives or events they are holding around September 10th to World Suicide Prevention Day. Some have chosen to hold their own local media conferences linked with other agencies involved in suicide reduction, some are holding volunteer recruitment days, while others are holding vigils. www.samaritans.org - www.befrienders.org

United States: Screening for Mental Health, Inc"
In honor and support of World Suicide Prevention Day Screening for Mental Health (SMH) has launched the second annual "Stop A Suicide, Today!" campaign. SMH is promoting the message here in the United States that you can help your loved one and help prevent suicide. The San Francisco Giants, Major League Baseball team, will be giving their Community Spotlight to the campaign, "StopASuicide, Today!" in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, during their homegame against the Chicago Cubs on Saturday, September 10th 2005. They will also be handing out cards to attendees of the game with signs to look for and steps to take if they are worried about a loved one. Many suicide prevention and mental health groups have worked together on this campaign and have helpful resources and websites. For more information, please visit our website at www.StopASuicide.org.