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Founded by the late Professor Erwin Ringel and Dr. Norman Farberow in 1960, IASP now includes professionals and volunteers from 77 countries. IASP is a Non-Governmental Organization concerned with suicide prevention.

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Briefing Statement: Reporting on Suicide During the Covid-19 Pandemic 

It is well-documented that the way media report on suicide can impact risk of suicide and increased contagion.  The World Health Organization and a variety of organizations have developed media recommendations to aid journalists on best practices for covering suicide and self-harm related behaviors.  With the world facing the Covid-19 health crisis and unremitting emergency health reporting, it is more important than ever for the media to be able to quickly understand and consider these best practices as it relates to suicide.  Media reporting that is accurate, factual, fair, evidence-based and non-sensational is critical, in particular around the issue of suicide.  At all times media are encouraged to report on the topic of suicide and below are tips that support and supplement existing media recommendations (best practice links can be found below) with the goal here to provide guidance on how to report about suicide specifically during a pandemic.

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Briefing Statement: The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak

At the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) we recognize that these are unique and unprecedented times for the world. The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, a global health crisis, demands global solidarity. We must have empathy for all those suffering from the coronavirus and avoid all types of discrimination when it comes to this disease’s origin and/or any individual who has contracted the virus. Open and honest communication and behaviour is required to delay the spread - only united can we fight this virus. At all times we remain guided by the expert advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), National Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, our public health emergency teams and research institutions who are continually updating and advising our governments on the most effective approaches to contain, mitigate and delay the virus spread in our countries.

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International Consortium Meets for Improving Mental Health in Small and Medium Enterprises

IASP is delighted to be an international partner in an EU-funded large-scale research project called MINDUP (Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Settings.) Learn more about this MINDUP project, consortium partners and related research at: www.mindupproject.eu or follow MINDUP on Twitter: @eu_mindup.

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Upcoming IASP Events

22 – 24 November, 2020
9th IASP Asia Pacific Conference

9th IASP Asia Pacific Conference

21 - 24 September, 2021
31st IASP World Congress
Gold Coast, Australia

IASP World Congress 2021

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Briefing Statements

Click here to read IASP briefing statements on issues pertaing to suicide and suicide prevention.


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2020 March News Bulletin

IASP President, Professor Murad Khan, introduces the first official IASP news bulletin of 2020, inviting readers to discover the work of Special Interest Groups and National Representative updates. He discusses the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 and positive developments. Professor Khan also discusses the stigma associated with mental health and particularly suicide means that individuals who need help feel unable to reach out and ask for it, creating a barrier to appropriate care. He notes the extension of the WHO Global Mental Health Action Plan ensures alignment with the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this decade, we continue to aim towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal associated target to reduce by one-third premature mortality through non-communicable diseases by 2030, of which the suicide rate is an indicator. Noting that World Suicide Prevention Day goes beyond the annual day of observance, he encourages us to embrace working together to prevention suicide throughout the year.

Read the 2019 Report on Activities of Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Development of effective national suicide prevention strategy and practice. View highlights and contributions by SIG members.

Learn about IASP's Suicide & the Workplace SIG, spearheaded by Sally Spencer Thomas, which recently worked with Business and Industry on the 2019 Employee Wellbeing campaign in the publishing of content about mental health in the workplace, the stigma attached to this and how employers can create the best working atmosphere for their employees.

Browse to find updates from the SIG Bereavement and Postvention and Suicide which notes a listserv for those interested in suicide bereavement and postvention has been set up.

Shares Reports from National Representatives, including Austria (suicide prevention programme SUPRA as an international best practice model,) Germany (National Suicide Prevention restructuring,) and the USA (New Suicide Prevention Initiatives.)

Details Citations for the 2019 IASP Awards recipients, including Professor Jane Pirkis, Dr. Brian Mishara, Bill (William) and Beverley Feigelman, Dr. Duleeka Knipe and Dr. Katrina Gisela Witt.

Karl Andriessen, PhD, offers a review of the book, "Reducing the toll of suicide: Resources for communities, groups, and individuals," edited by Prof. Diego De Leo and Dr. Vita Postuvan.

Read IASP 2019 Congress Students’ Bursary Reports from Amelia Shanahan and Brittany Patafio.

Shares upcoming events, including the 2020 IASP Asia Pacific Conference, AAS20, 5th Suicide & Self- harm forum, IASP 31st World Congress, TRIPLE i in Suicidology and ESSSB18


Early Career Group Newsletter December 2017

Download the inaugural edition of Engage -the Early Career Group newsletter, that introduces this new and growing IASP group. Read to find information on upcoming conferences or to discover features and snapshot pieces from early career persons working in the area of suicidology.


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