The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) provides awards for those who have contributed in a significant way to the furthering of the aims of the association. Awards are presented at the IASP biennial conference.

The Stengel Research Award

The Stengel Research Award, instituted in 1977, is named in honour of the late Professor Erwin Stengel, one of the founders of IASP. This award is for outstanding active research with at least 10 years of scientific activity in the field, as evidenced by number and quality of publications in internationally acknowledged journals and indicators of esteem and reputation.


Prof. Paul Yip
Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
Social Work and Social Administration
University of Hong Kong

Professor Navneet Kapur, University of Manchester (UK).


1977 R Diekstra The Netherlands
1979 M Boldt Canada
1981 J P Soubrier France
1983 J Lonnqvist Finland
1985 G Sonneck/J Beskow Austria/Sweden
1987 R Goldney/C Pfeffer Australia/USA
1989 P Cosyns/J Wilmotte Belgium
1991 D De Leo Italy
1993 D Wasserman Sweden
1995 K Hawton United Kingdom
1997 A Schmidtke Germany
1999 A Roy USA
2001 A Leenaars Canada
2003 I Orbach Israel
2005 K van Heeringen Belgium
2007 J Mann USA
2009 M Williams United Kingdom
2011 P Yip Hong Kong
2013 M Oquendo USA
2015 D Gunnell United Kingdom
2017 S Stack USA
2019 J Pirkis Australia
2021 N Kapur United Kingdom

The Ringel Service Award

The Ringel Service Award, instituted in 1995, honours the late Professor Erwin Ringel, the founding President of the Association. This award is for distinguished service in the field of Suicidology. 


1995 Zhai Shu Tao P.R.China
1997 Y Saito Japan
1999 V Scott France
2001 L Mehlum Norway
2003 J Nagdimon USA
2007 L Ratnayeke Sri Lanka
2011 J Bertolote Australia
2013 Ø Ekeberg Norway
2015 L Vijayakumar India
2017 A Cole-King UK
2019 B Mishara Canada
2021 S Platt United Kingdom


Dr Lanny Berman
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
7200 Maple Avenue, Chevy Chase
MD 20815, USA

Emeritus Professor Stephen Platt, University of Edinburgh (UK).

The Farberow Award

The Farberow Award was introduced in 1997 in recognition of Professor Norman Farberow, a founding member and driving force behind the IASP. This award is for a person who has contributed significantly in the field of work with survivors of suicide.


Dr Sally Spencer-Thomas
Colorado, USA

Joanne L. Harpel, MPHIL, CT, JD, Founder and President of Coping After Suicide.


1997 O Grad Slovenia
1999 K Dunne Maxim/E A Dunne USA
2001 S Clarke Australia
2003 G H and E Weyrauch USA
2005 K Andriessen Belgium
2007 K Dyregrov Norway
2009 F Campbell USA
2011 J Fisher Australia
2013 A Staines Australia
2015 S Spencer-Thomas USA
2017 S McCarthy IRE
2019 W & B Feigelman USA
2021 J L Harpel USA

De Leo Fund Award

The De Leo Fund Award honours the memory of Nicola and Vittorio, the beloved children of Professor Diego De Leo, IASP Past President. The Award is offered to distinguished scholars in recognition of their outstanding research on suicidal behaviours carried out in developing countries. 


Prof. Diego De Leo, Australian Institute for Suicide
Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, Griffith University,
Slovene Centre for Suicide Research
De Leo Fund Onlus


2009 A. Ahmadi Iran
2011 E. Kinyanda Uganda
2015 J. Osafo Ghana
2017 L. Chan Malaysia
2019 D. Knipe Sri Lanka/UK
2021 E Nii-Boye Quarshie Ghana

Emmanuel Nii-Boye Quarshie, Research Fellow at the Centre for Suicide and Violence Research (CSVR), Accra, Ghana.

Andrej Marušič Award

The Andrej Marušič Award is dedicated to young researchers who are invited to submit a research proposal relating to suicidal behaviour and prevention for consideration.

Dr Daiane Borges Machado (Brazil), Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.


Administrator Dr Vita Postuvan
Univerza na Primorskem
Inštitut Andrej Marušič
Muzejski trg 2, 6000 Koper


2015 E Colucci Italy
2017 D Knipe UK
2019 K Witt Australia
2021 D Borges Machado Brazil
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