The IASP Special Interest Group (SIG) on Culture and Suicidal Behaviour aims to establish a network of people interested in cultural issues in suicide research and prevention.

Although the initial aim is to establish a network of interested people, we hope in time to be able to develop projects on specific sub-themes (e.g. suicide prevention strategies in different cultural settings; spirituality/religion; human/women rights; gender issues including gender-based violence and domestic/family violence; suicidal behaviour in low income countries; arts and culture; culturally sensitive/appropriate research methods) based on the interest of members.

More specifically, the SIG will have the following goals:

  1. Share resources and information relevant to the topic of culture and suicidal behaviour (including publications and funding opportunities);
  2. Discuss ideas and provide suggestions around culturally sensitive suicide research and prevention activities;
  3. Increase awareness and advocate for a greater consideration of culture in the understanding of suicidal behaviour and the development of suicide prevention strategies;
  4. Represent a point of reference for individuals and organizations seeking expertise on the SIG theme and sub-themes;
  5. In the long term, the SIG will seek financial support to initiate and carry out specific research and prevention projects and organize themed meetings/conferences/workshops.

We are currently looking for people interested in joining this SIG. If you would like to join this SIG, please contact us.

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