Dr Tiago Zortea

Co-Chair of the ECG

Postdoctoral Researcher

It gives me great honour to have the opportunity to work for IASP as part of the Early Carer Group (ECG). Several scientific societies and associations across the globe have their ECGs and it is commendable that IASP has the same progressive view, opening opportunities for the next generation of suicide prevention experts.

I have a background in clinical psychology (Brazil) working with people recovering from suicidal thoughts and behaviours, and conducting research on psychological processes of suicide risk (Scotland). I am currently based in the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), where I conduct a series of research projects on suicide prevention for the Academic Advisory Group of the Scottish Government’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group. I am excited to exchange knowledge and build strong collaborations with researchers, clinicians, and those with lived experience in our field, connected with our shared values of solidarity, compassion, and mutual support.

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