Marc Bryant

Experienced leader in the suicide prevention sector globally, providing program leadership and strategy, from policy & project design, implementation and evaluation/research.

Marc Bryant joined LivingWorks in 2020, with 14 years of experience in the suicide prevention sector. As LivingWorks Director of Suicide Prevention (Asia Pacific and Europe) and a qualified safeTALK and ASIST trainer, Marc leads business development and government relations working closely with clients to understand their training needs and support effective implementation and evaluation of training in the community. Marc is an established leader in the Australian suicide prevention sector, with his work having been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals.

Marc sits on the META Aus Industry MH Advisory Group, Co-chair of the IASP Training & Education Suicide Prevention Special Interest Group, and a “Conversation Guru” for RUOK?. Marc has had numerous previous roles on other advisory groups.

Marc previously led for over a decade the global leading MINDFRAME media guidelines training and education program, developing the world’s first guides for AOD and over saw the established the Life in Mind program and redevelopment of the Communications Charter, as part of his executive lead role for suicide prevention at the Everymind Institute.

Marc has presented at national and global suicide prevention and mental health conferences.

Marc is also a former media and communications specialist, having worked as a UK journalist in the 90s and National Health Service as a senior communications lead.

Marc is passionate about supporting diversity and ensuring we follow evidence, data and policy. He has his own lived experience personally and as a carer.

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