World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

We are now almost a month until World Suicide Prevention Day 2022. The theme for 2022 continues to be ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ as we hope to encourage and empower people to take action to further prevent suicide around the world.  

The World Suicide Prevention Day website is complete with supporting information on how to get involved, use our resources and acknowledge the day with activities or events. We have further detail focused on actions within ourmain brief. OurGlobal Suicide Facts and Figureshelps to inform with global statistics, and ourTake Time to Reach Outresources aims to support and encourage help seeking and support. A collection of ‘Focus Briefs’ provide more detailed information on particular considerations within suicide and it’s prevention. We also havebannersandsocial media posts available for download and sharing, as well as aWSPD events hubto help you find events, both in person and online to engage with. 

We encourage our supporters, members and subscribers to submit their plans or events to our website, or to share on social media.  

World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity to raise the consciousness of suicide around the world, to highlight efforts that take place globally, nationally and regionally but to also highlight the role of the individual. We can all play a role in preventing suicides.  

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