World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 Campaign

September is here! For IASP, World Suicide Prevention Day is more than just one day and our awareness period continues until World Mental Health Day on the 10th October.

We are delighted to share with our supporters the new World Suicide Prevention Day Awareness Film. The WSPD Awareness film promotes the current theme, ‘Creating Hope Through Action’.  The film aims to inspire confidence and light in us all to act, through reaching in to a person who may be struggling, by encouraging understanding within ourselves and our communities and by sharing our experiences to impart a message of hope.


Around 700,000 people die by suicide every year, with over 75% of suicides occurring in low-and-middle-income countries. Suicide is a global concern and a serious public health issue in every country; however suicides are preventable. By raising awareness, reducing the stigma around suicide and encouraging well informed action, we can reduce instances of suicide around the world.

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed on 10 September every year, exists as a platform to raise awareness of suicide and to promote preventative measures with the aim to reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts globally.

We encourage you to share this film and use our resources, guides and information on the IASP WSPD website and join us in taking action during this time.


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