IASP’s Organisational Evaluation

The IASP Executive Committee has commissioned an organisational evaluation of IASP to obtain valid information about the performance of the association, the factors that affect performance and recommendations for future development. The lead organisation is Philanthropy Advisors (PA), a consultancy company located in Switzerland which has experience in the international non-governmental organisations’ sector and in developing resource programmes for the World Health Organisation.

The evaluation criteria will be a framework to determine the strengths and weaknesses of IASP in today’s socio political economic climate and will focus on policy, strategy, programme and project activity.  Full attention will be given to:

  • relevance – is IASP ‘s mission valid, achievable, relevant;
  • coherence – how well does the organisation fit into the global mental health arena;
  • effectiveness – in achieving its objectives;
  • efficiency –  in utilising its resources;
  • impact – what difference does the IASP make; and
  • sustainability – will the benefits last.

The evaluation will draw on the perspectives of those internal to IASP (e.g. the Executive Committee, the College of Presidents, the Central Administration Office, the Council of National Representatives and the membership) as well as some key external stakeholders (e.g. other foundations, implementers, academics, sectoral experts), to ensure as wide a range of opinions possible are consulted.   Members may be asked to complete a survey or participate in an interview; these will be external, led by PA and confidential.

The assessment will focus on IASP as the primary unit of analysis with the purpose of:
·       building its capacity,  
·       validating its work,  
·       enhancing dialogue with collaborative partners, 
·       enhancing dialogue with funders, and
·       devising its strategies for the future.  

The Organisational Evaluation will be timely as the results and recommendations will inform future strategic direction and could identify potential changes in the governance formula. It will contain an ongoing component that aligns with IASP’s existing calendar of the 5-year strategic overview; links with the Board’s cycle of governance, reinforces interim annual operational reviews. It is therefore judicious, that after a 10-year cycle of current organisational growth,  the review of constitutional development and the potential for relevant changes has become an organisational priority.

For more information or questions regarding the organisational evaluation, please contact us.

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