You Can Be The Light

Creating Hope Through Action on World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

The 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day. On this day, we encourage all to ‘Create Hope Through Action’ to draw attention to this important public health issue globally and to disseminate the message that suicides are preventable.

By encouraging understanding, reaching in and sharing experiences, this theme gives people the confidence to take action. It highlights the fact that there is an alternative to suicide and aims to inspire confidence and light in all of us.

By creating hope, we can reduce the stigma around suicide and foster a culture where people in need can easily seek help. Meaningful and safe conversations around suicide can also help spread the message that it is okay to talk about suicide. Through action, we can play a supportive role to people in crisis. 

The headline World Suicide Prevention Day animated awareness film encompasses the overarching messages behind the theme and our call to action “Be the light”. To disseminate the message and its reach globally, the film has been developed in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian and Ukrainian.

Access the full World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 Campaign Pack here for assets, messaging and wider resources to engage over the day.

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