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Launch of the IASP Education and Training in Suicide Prevention Special Interest Group

The International Association for Suicide Prevention announces the launch of the Education and Training in Suicide Prevention Special Interest Group.

The aim of the Education and Training in Suicide Prevention Special Interest Group is to support the development of high-quality education in suicide prevention around the world.

Internationally, there is growing public and professional interest in education and training in suicide prevention. Yet, the research in this area and access to high-quality evaluated educational programs, training courses and research on this topic is limited. National programs and strategies on suicide prevention worldwide sometimes include education in suicide prevention but often focus only on specific interest groups; for example, the education of professionals at the workplace or Gatekeeper programs while missing other needs such as the educational needs of students in higher education.  

The Education and Training in Suicide Prevention SIG will contribute to identifying both achievements and knowledge gaps, progressing development, evaluation, research, prevention, and policy priorities in this crucial area. The SIG members will collaborate to develop research projects and actions in the education of suicide prevention and to access funding necessary for the adequate education of future generations equipping them with coping skills to tackle life trauma and increasing chances for post-traumatic growth of individuals, organisations, associations, and communities. 

The Special Interest Group is open to all IASP members and invites you to join. The Co-Chairs are hoping to welcome a broad range of members to this new SIG, including: 

  • Those interested in the inclusion of education and training into national, regional, and local strategies in suicide prevention in different countries.
  • Those with lived/living experience and representatives of associations from different countries globally, including professionals and researchers wishing to contribute to the development of education in suicide prevention.
  • Researchers interested in research on suicide prevention education and training at different levels – community, higher education, and professionals to create strategic partnerships focusing on research diminishing knowledge gaps.
  • Students and representatives of student organisations and staff representatives interested in including suicide prevention in the courses offered by universities around the world.
  • Professionals and representatives of postvention and lived experience associations interested in workplace education and training in suicide prevention.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Education and Training in Suicide Prevention SIG, please contact us

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