World Suicide Prevention Day Theme Proposal 2024

World Suicide Prevention Day 2024

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an annual awareness and advocacy day established in 2003 by IASP in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Every year is marked with a relevant theme that focuses attention on the problem of suicide and guides the events, discussions, and campaigns for collective action.

Since its establishment, World Suicide Prevention Day has grown into a global movement, uniting people worldwide in a common cause – to prevent suicide. For the last 20 years, it has been successful in raising awareness about the issue, reducing stigma, and encouraging action to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviour. It has been a significant day observed in more than 60 countries with hundreds of events aimed at reaching national organisations, governments, and the public. The last triennial theme for 2021-2023 β€˜Creating Hope Through Action’ centred around encouraging understanding, reaching in, and sharing experiences and aimed to give people the confidence to take action.

For 2024-2026, we invite you to participate in this global consultation process towards identifying our next triennial theme. As we prepare for World Suicide Prevention Day, we welcome your collective knowledge on suicide prevention from all walks of life that will direct our efforts in 2024 and beyond.Β 

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