Networking Events

All networking lunches are included in the conference fees; though some are limited in capacity. 
ECR Networking Lunch

ECR Networking Lunch 

National Representative Lunch

National Representative Networking Lunch 

Meet the Board Lunch

Member lunch with IASP Board Members 

An opportunity for all ECR delegates to network with their fellow researchers from the region. Hosted by Dr Luke Bayliss on behalf of IASP. 

An opportunity for IASP National Representatives to network with their fellow representatives. Hosted by Wendy Cliff on behalf of IASP. 

An opportunity for IASP members to network with their fellow members and get to know their Board members. Hosted by Board members; Professor Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, Professor Jo Robinson, Professor Chan Lai Fong, Professor Annette Erlangsen and Wendy Orchard on behalf of IASP. 

Tours and Excursions

We are working with a local tour company to provide package options for local excursions. For further information or to arrange any of the tour packages, please contact: cdm@cdmthailand.com
Tours and Excursions Bangkok 4
Tours and Excursions Bangkok 1
Tours and Excursions Bangkok 2
Tours and Excursions Bangkok 3
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