Dr Olivia Kirtley

Co-Chair of the ECG

Postdoctoral Researcher

There are many challenges for today’s early career researchers and clinicians, and the benefits of having a community of like-minded peers from which to draw support are widely acknowledged. The IASP Early Career Group (ECG) aims to build such a community, providing networking, training, and mentoring opportunities to early career individuals in suicide research and practice. I am really delighted that IASP has chosen to formally recognise the contribution to suicide research and clinical practice made by those at an early stage of their career, by supporting the creation of an Early Career Group.

My background is in conducting studies of self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviours in both laboratory and clinical settings. Having current experience of being a postdoc and recent experience of conducting a PhD in the field of suicide research, I am keen to share my knowledge with others and to learn from fellow early career researchers and clinicians.

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