Nils Kohle

Nils Kohle is a member of IASP’s International Advisory Council.

Nils is a strategy consultant providing innovative digital transformation services that add value to the existing business models of international companies. After studying European Finance and Accounting in Bremen, Germany and Leeds, UK, he founded several successful digital businesses. He has profound knowledge of how to deploy digital communication and social media marketing strategies to enable companies and institutions to reach their target groups in an efficient way.

In 2017 Nils launched his next venture: OWNR Technologies Inc. in San Francisco, with corresponding subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Germany. OWNR is the world’s first true lease-provider for the residential real estate.

Nils studied on the Executive MBA program at Kellogg University in Chicago and in 2016 offered his expertise to IASP by assisting the IASP Executive Committee to formulate a communications strategy.

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