Dr Pooja Saini

Dr Pooja Saini is a National Award Winning Senior Researcher/Chartered Psychologist who joined Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), School of Psychology as a Senior Lecturer in January 2018. Dr Saini’s research is focused at an individual-level, community-level and whole systems approach on risk management and decision-making processes for individuals, professionals, and service providers within forensic, clinical and non-clinical settings. Her main research interests are in suicide and self-harm prevention particularly in young people, cancer prevention in Black and Asian Ethnic Minority Groups, reduction of health inequalities and coproduction. A key activity for Dr Saini is public engagement and she aims to incorporate this in all aspects of her teaching and research.

Dr Saini collaborates with key mental health charities (e.g., JWSMF, PAPYRUS, YASP, Samaritans, YPAS), and Public Health Departments. Dr Saini is an active member of the Suicide Prevention Operational Group and Support after Suicide Task Group which aim to integrate suicide prevention and postvention initiatives in Cheshire and Merseyside across mental health charities, NHS trusts, public health departments, transport networks, and local councillors. Dr Saini is leading on world-leading research, the founder of the Suicide and Self-Harm Research Network North-West and the LJMU Suicide and Self-Harm Research group.

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