Community Sessions

The community sessions take place over a ½-day programme, which will be held at the IASP 32nd World Congress on Saturday 23 September 2023, aimed at members of the local community and the general public to raise awareness about suicidal behaviour, mental health issues and bereavement after suicide.

Community Day 1
Community Day 2
Community Day 3

The event will include the following activities; 

  • Short lectures on bereavement, recognising suicidal distress and taking appropriate action; 
  • A live ‘human’ library; 
  • Two discussion panels focusing on the experiences of individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide and the activities of organisations supporting those affected. The focus will be on developing new approaches to prevention, including the establishment of a peer-to-peer support network. 

Workshops will be offered to participants, providing opportunities for networking and self-care. The event will also provide an opportunity for various mental health organisations to present their activities to the public in the form of stands, as well as an opportunity for networking between various institutions and non-governmental organisations in this field. Congress delegates are invited to attend. However, please note that the sessions will be presented in the Slovenian language.

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