The aim of the IASP Special Interest Group (SIG) on Risk, Resilience and Reasons for Living is to bring together an international group of researchers who will adapt suicide risk assessment measures to different cultural communities while collaboratively sharing information with one another.


The objectives of this SIG are to study warning signs of suicidal behaviour and protective factors that may vary or remain consistent cross-culturally. This is also referred to as cultural risk and resilience. This SIG will adapt various measures used for the assessment of suicide risk to different cultures.

Activities During 2019

  • Facebook page has maintained steady traffic with 50 + followers.
  • SIG members are currently collecting data in the US, France and Belgium on risk, resilience and reasons for living among LGBTQ adults.
  • SIG business meeting occurred in Londonderry.
  • Membership of the SIG has increased.
  • Facilitated frequent peer review and group discussion.

Proposed activities 2020

  • Conclude current study and distribute findings to IASP community.
  • Business meeting will be held over Zoom.


COVID-19 has made it challenging for members to be engaged due to responsibilities to work and family.

If you would like to join this SIG, please contact us.

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