The four main objectives and related accomplishments for the SIG are:

1) To expand scholarship exploring suicide and workplace issues;
– 28 professional conference and meeting presentations in five countries reported
– 9 peer-reviewed journal articles reported.
– Over $1M (Australian) in grant funding secured

2) To develop model policies and protocols for workplaces to adapt;
– New efforts in the US for National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention underway (a partnership among the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and United Suicide Survivors International)

3) To share promising practices of suicide prevention programs and training;
-New Construction Suicide Prevention efforts in the US: Construction Working Minds www.ConstructionWorkingMinds.org and the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention preventconstructionsuicide.com

4) To develop a community of researchers and practitioners interested in workplace suicide prevention.
– Podcasts, webinars and blogs emerging highlighting workplace suicide prevention efforts.


To date, the Suicide and the Workplace Special Interest Group have 48 international members:

– 31% Australia
– 19% Canada
– 13% USA
– 10% Asia
– 10% Europe
– 3% South America
– 10% Unknown

Browse this link to find: Suicide and the Workplace Resources

Workplace Suicide Prevention Podcast

Hosted by the IASP Suicide and the Workplace Special Interest Group, this podcast series aims to spark meaningful conversations around the topic of workplace suicide prevention.

Workplace Suicide Prevention

Join Dr Sally Spencer-Thomas and guests, Jorgen Gullestrup and Professor Sarah Waters as they discuss suicide prevention in the workplace. Hosted by the IASP Suicide and the Workplace Special Interest Group. 
Music by Maestro Music.

If you would like to join this SIG, please contact us.

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