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Tourism & Events Queensland

Tourism & Events Queensland

With their vision of ‘inspiring the world to experience the best address on Earth’, Tourism & Events Queensland are a consumer-led, experience-focused & destination-delivered organisation that connects people & places like never before through innovation & collaboration with the tourism & events industry.


Gold Coast Health

Gold Coast Health is one of 16 hospital and health services (HHSs) in Queensland, statutory bodies that are responsible for delivering public health services to geographical areas of Queensland. Their vision is to have the best health outcomes in Australia, based on being a leader in sustainable, compassionate and highly reliable health care.

Their ‘Always Care’ philosophy underpins their values of Integrity, Community First, Respect, Excellence, Compassion and Empower. Always Care is the commitment every employee makes every day to ensure person-centred care is at the heart of everything they do. The simplest acts of compassion can have the greatest impact.

Orygen / The Brain & Mind Centre

This Centre for Research Excellence (YOUTHe) is led by the Brain and Mind Centre, partnering with Orygen and the Australian College of Emergency Medicine to build a new phase in youth national health service-level research to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviour in young people engaged with clinical care.

YOUTHe is unique in that it focuses specifically on healthcare system reform through the implementation of regionally-based participatory design and dynamic modelling and evaluation. This approach will also catalyse the deployment of novel technologies for assessment, intervention and tracking; and, multidisciplinary workforce training.

YOUTHe has a strong focus on capacity building and over the 5-year funding period will be supporting a number of PhD scholars and post-docs to help build the next generation of suicide prevention researchers.  

Brain & Mind Centre

Destination Gold Coast

Destination Gold Coast

is your guide to all the places to see while on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Since its establishment by the tourism industry in 1975, Destination Gold Coast (DGC) has operated as a membership-based destination marketing organisation representing the sector, increasing visitor demand, visitor arrivals, & visitor expenditure for the benefit of the city.



Everymind is a leading not-for-profit Institute, dedicated to reducing mental ill-health, reducing suicide and improving wellbeing. We have a longstanding reputation for designing, developing, implementing and evaluating national, state and local mental health and suicide prevention initiatives and leading translational research.

The Institute’s experience has been fostered through delivering a range of projects and conducting research for government and non-government departments, not-for-profit and commercial organisations over the last 29 years.

Lifeline Australia

Lifeline exists to ensure that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone. Their experience has shown them that it is through connection that we can find hope. They are available 24 hours a day to listen, without judgement to any person in Australia who is feeling overwhelmed, experiencing crisis or longs to be heard.

Queensland Mental Health Commission

Driving reform of the mental health and alcohol and other drugs systems in Queensland, Queensland Mental Health Commission encourage and facilitate change to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders.

Standby Support After Suicide

Standby Support After Suicide

Established in 2002 to meet the need for a coordinated community response to suicide, StandBy is now recognised as Australia’s leading suicide postvention program, dedicated to assisting people & communities bereaved or impacted by suicide.

In Australia, more than 3,300 people take their own life each year. Research indicates that for every death through suicide 135 people are impacted and ten or more are significantly impacted. StandBy provides free face-to face or telephone support by local caring staff, committed to the wellbeing of the person or group impacted.

Marcus Mission

Marcus Mission aims to reduce the risk of suicide for men in Queensland. The initiative was established by Wesley Mission Queensland in 2018, after being approached by, and with support from, family and community who lost a man to suicide.

To achieve a reduction in the number of young men attempting to take their life or dying by suicide, Wesley Mission Queensland and those involved in Marcus Mission offer support to build the skills, knowledge, and connections of men as well as their families, friends, and communities. They do this in three ways:
  • Volunteer MENtor networks
  • Resilience building workshops
  • Suicide prevention training
Mates in Construction

Mates In Construction

MATES is a charity established in 2008 to reduce the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers. MATES provides suicide prevention through community development programs on sites, & by supporting workers in need through case management & a 24/7 help line.



Working with young people, our partners and one another, we're redefining what's possible in global youth mental health research, policy, education and clinical care.​

BDI 20 years

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute is celebrating 20 years of impact in mental health research, and is the only Medical Research Institute (MRI) in Australia to investigate mental health across the lifespan.

Since 2002, they have expanded from treating and researching mood disorders to being leaders in suicide prevention, digital mental health, workplace mental health, new treatments, and early intervention in young people.

Zero Suicide

Zero Suicide Institute of Australasia (ZSIA)

The Zero Suicide Institute of Australasia (ZSIA) is leading the development of the Zero Suicide Healthcare and Crisis Now frameworks in their region. These global initiatives focus on the relentless pursuit of excellence to reduce suicides and improve the care for those who choose to seek help.​


Postvention Australia

Postvention Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports individuals, families and communities who are bereaved by suicide. Postvention Australia was built to provide this pathway, reducing the toll of loss through suicide by providing ways to hope and healing and bridging the gap for those who need support but aren’t receiving it.


Lifeline International

Lifeline provide those experiencing emotional distress with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. They are committed to empowering people to be suicide-safe through connection, compassion and hope.


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