Pecha Kucha Early Career Event

In support of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) the International Association for Suicide Prevention has launched a series of exciting events that have been designed to put ECR rising stars in the spotlight during the 31st World Congress held at the Gold Coast, QLD Australia in September.

The Pecha-Kucha event is a clear headliner for ECRs and is expected to draw a wide audience of ECR, Mid-career and senior researchers.


Pecha Kucha Early Career Event


Pecha-Kucha is Japanese for “Chit-chat” and is a form of storytelling Pecha-Kucha provides ECRs with a golden opportunity to practice their research ‘Elevator pitch’ but in a supportive and energetic environment that challenges participants to communicate their research quickly, and powerfully to a captive audience.

There are only two rules in Pecha-Kucha delivery:

1) You have 20 power point slides

2) each slide is presented automatically every 20-seconds.

The result is a captivating 6-minutes and 40-second presentation. If it sounds challenging, you’re not wrong! But remember, being able to effectively communicate your research is an essential ingredient to a successful research career and has the greatest potential to reach large audiences. At the end of the day- it is a powerful way to disseminate your findings and bolsters the chances that your research will be translated into policy and practice.

The Pecha-Kucha event acknowledges the enormous talent, passion, and leadership potential among rising ECRs in suicide prevention. But additionally, it will provide an avenue for ECRs to network, have a chat, learn from each other, and foster new collaborations. A people’s choice award will be presented at the end of the night with an entire years membership with IASP up for grabs.

The Pecha-kucha event is being held on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 7:45pm at Miss Money Penney’s Broadbeach and is being hosted by the hilarious Australian Comedian Mark McConville who we guarantee will help take the edge of any first-timer nerves!

Light refreshments will be available, but meals and drinks can also be purchased on the evening.

Please come along, share your ideas, meet new people, and hear some of the amazing work our ECR community has to offer. For those of you who are considering submitting an abstract for this event, many tips and tricks are available on the internet. Just Google Pecha-Kucha.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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