LifeLine International launch Decriminalize Suicide Worldwide

LifeLine International launches Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide campaign

LifeLine International launched its new campaign, Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide, this week and the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) is delighted to be supporting this campaign as we work together to prioritise decriminalisation efforts globally.

IASP and LifeLine International share the same core belief – suicide everywhere in the world can be prevented. IASP President, Professor Rory O’Connor, says the importance of decriminalising suicide is paramount to suicide prevention efforts globally, as highlighted in the IASP Policy Position on this matter: he says:

“It is vital the laws that criminalise suicide and suicidal behaviour are repealed, and that alongside this, we tackle the stigma associated with suicide. We need to redouble our efforts to ensure that suicidal behaviour is prioritised as a public health concern and receives the attention that it deserves. Moreover, the highest standard of mental health is a human right. The ripples of decriminalisation of suicide are also vast, leading to the greater provision of support towards those affected by suicide – families, friends and communities.”

IASP supports the campaign Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide and encourages its members throughout the world, along with individuals, organisations, researchers, health professionals and policy makers, to collaborate in efforts to bring about change. There are still too many countries where laws that criminalise suicide exist.

IASP also applauds LifeLine International’s strategic goal to start or enhance crisis line services wherever they can, working with local organisations, other crisis line networks, governments, and fundraising entities. The operation of crisis line services is an important practical step towards ensuring that no one is left without access to immediate help in times of suicidal despair.

Visit the campaign platform 25crimes.org to learn more and support this campaign and the knowledge management platform suicide-decrim.network to join the campaign.

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