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The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) is dedicated to:

Founded by the late Professor Erwin Ringel and Dr. Norman Farberow in 1960, IASP now includes professionals and volunteers from more than fifty different countries. IASP is a Non-Governmental Organization in official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) concerned with suicide prevention.

If you are feeling suicidal or know of someone who needs help, browse Help to find a crisis center anywhere in the world.

Upcoming IASP Events

3-5 December, 2015
2nd Regional Symposium in the Caribbean
Protecting our Youth: Suicide Prevention in the Caribbean Region
George Town, Cayman Island

2nd Regional Symposium in the Caribbean of the International Association for Suicide Prevention

18-21 May, 2016
7th Asia Pacific Regional Conference
Building bridges for a new start beyond borders
Tokyo, Japan

7th Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Confererence Secretariat email address.

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18-22 July, 2017
XXIX IASP World Congress
Preventing Suicide: A Global Commitment, from Communities to Continents
Kuching (Sarawak), Malaysia

29th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the XXIX World Congress of the IASP which will be held from 18 - 22 July 2017 in Kuching, the capital of the Malaysian State of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. The Congress will be jointly organized by the IASP and the Malaysian Psychiatric Association in partnership with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), SEGi University, the Sarawak Association of the Nursing Profession, the Sarawak State Health Department, Befrienders Malaysia, and the Sarawak Convention Bureau.

For any enquiery please contact any of the following:

  1. Prof Maniam (Chair, Organising Committee (tmaniam@yahoo.com)
  2. Prof Mohd. Fadzillah Abdul Razak (Local Organising Committee Chair) mofadzdr@hotmail.com)

Download the Preliminary Announcement


Click here to download our June 2015 News Bulletin

June 2015 News Bulletin

As a prelude to the upcoming 28th World Congress being held in Montreal from 16-20th June, IASP President, Ella Arensman, offers a reflection on the 18th World Congress which was held in Montreal in 1993 in which attended as a young researcher. She discusses issues current at that time and notes how prevention and intervention and how nomenclature topics relate to the congress theme of New Discoveries and Technologies in Suicide Prevention.

Covenor of the Special Interest Group on Helplines Best Practices, Alan Woodward offers an update, including noting two symposium which will be held during the Congress, and Dan Reidenberg and Thomas Niederkrotenthaler offer a Suicide and the Media Task Force update. Learn about ongoing projects such as assisting Facebook in developing a new suicide prevention application that assists users in seeking and obtaining help in a crisis.

Dr. Jo Robinson, Senior Research Fellow Orygen, discusses new research work program focusing on social media. This work was underpinned by a systematic review and stakeholder survey, which together demonstrated that social media allows people who are suicidal, or those bereaved by suicide, to seek support from others with shared experiences, in an anonymous and non-judgmental manner.

Dr. Katsadoros Kyriakos, IASP National Representative for Greece, reports on the state of suicide and suicide prevention in the country, noting that according to data obtained from the Greek Statistical Authority the age group 65 years and over have the highest rates among all age groups over the last ten years. Read for further details.

Dr. Avshalom Aderet, IASP National Representative for Israel, and Path-to-Life Chairman, reveals over 500 people die by suicide in Israel annually. About 6,000 engage in suicidal behavior and end up in the Emergency Room. See what challenges his suicide prevention organization faces.

Read an obituary of Professor Klaus Böhme who was an outstanding member of the German Association for Suicide Prevention (DGS)and served as President between 1982-1986. Pr Böhme was the Chairman of the XVI - IASP Congress held in Hamburg, 1-5 September 1991. R.I.P.

See the results of the IASP Executive Committee elections 2015.

Find a list of List of current IASP National Representatives 2015.

Download the agenda for the General Assembly meeting at the XXVIII IASP World Congress In Montreal, Canada on 19 June 2015 at 13:00 – 14:30

Notes the The XXIX IASP World Congress will be taking place in Malaysia

Read to learn about the upcoming IASR/AFSP International Summit on Suicide Research, taking place on October 11th–14th, will bring together suicide researchers studying topics ranging from neurobiology and genetics to prevention and intervention.

As with previous IASP Congresses, a Lunch with Experts will feature in the upcoming Montréal Congress. Each lunch involves three renowned experts in suicide research and prevention, who will be available over a 60 minute lunch session to discuss their work in research, treatment and prevention in an informal setting. Find out who the experts are.

Includes European Alliance Against Depression's Fact Sheet on suicide in the European Union.

Download the World Suicide Prevention Day 2015 brochure and suggested activities sheet.

Learn about Cycle Around the Globe 2015. Read to discover in 2014 alone the total distance reached by our participants was almost four times the circumference of the entire planet, a total of 121,963.3 miles.

New IASP member question and answers.

Reports on passing of the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act.

Read Mental Health in Lithuania and Europe 10 years after the Helsinki Conference: from 'the vision of needed changes' to 'actual results," a paper presented by IASP President Professor Ella Arensman recently at the recent Mental Health Conference in Lithuania which reflected on the past 10 years since the Helsinki Conference, in which the WHO approved the Mental Health Declaration and Action Plan for Europe 2005–2010.

Dr. Dhruba Pathak discusses how the recent catastrophic earthquake and repeated numerous aftershocks, in Nepal, which have killed thousands of people in Nepal has opened another dimension of suicidal risk amongst its survivors. See what challenges are being faced.

Read the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) Spotlight: Expanding the Reach of Zero Suicide in States and Communities. Find resources to download.

IASP National Representative to Argentina, Ernesto Ruben Paez, announces that as of March 11th 2015 a new National Suicide Prevention Act was passed in Argentina.

Download the Special Interest Group on Postvention and Suicide Bereavement Supplement that offers two pieces, one detailing a piece on Mates In Construction, an Australian Initiative, as covered by John Brady and secondly a memorial piece for John Peters (RIP).

Click image to download statement in PDF format.

The European Alliance Against Depression deeply regrets the tragic Germanwings crash that occurred in the French Alps and commiserates with the families and friends of the deceased. In this context, we consider it important to provide an update on the nature of Suicide and Depression and to express our concerns about the negative consequences of an increased stigma for patients with psychiatric disorders. Download the statement in PDF format.

IASP Bereavement and Postvention Special Interest Group Newsletter

Leonore Hanssens shares a paper presented at the 4th Australian Postvention Conference, held in June, 2014, in Sydney, Australia, entitled, "The impact of 5uicide Contagion and Echo Clusters in remote Indigenous communities in Northern Territory, Australia."

A Handrail on my Journey; Providing Support for People Bereaved by Suicide in Sydney, Australia is the title of this artitle written by Jane Mowll of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Sydney and The University of Notre Dame, Australia. Learn about the SUpport After Suicide Program, now in its 14th year.

Director of Services with Consile, the National Suicide Charity, Ciarán, pens a a report on extending bereavement supports after suicide in Ireland. Learn about the Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service that was introduced this year in five new regional areas, with a dedicated liaison officer working in each area. Read to discover what the Service intends to offer.

Karl Andriessen provides postvention highlights from the 15th ESSSB symposium, held in Tallinn, Estonia, in August, 2014.

Browse to find a Six Month Review of the IASP Bereavement and Postvention Special Interest Group. See proposed activities over the nex six months.

Learn about upcoming events and contact details.

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