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IASP Special Interest Groups

IASP Special Interest Groups offer the opportunity for our community of members, researchers, professionals, lay people and volunteers to focus deeply on a specific aspect of suicide and suicide prevention. Please browse the following links to see the work of these groups:

The IASP SIG Annual Report gives unique insight into the latest operations of each SIG and provides updates on recent and upcoming activities as well as insight into membership and future directions.

2019 IASP SIG Progress Report

2018 IASP SIG Progress Report

The aim of the IASP Special Interest Group (SIG) on Clusters and Contagion in Suicidal Behaviour is to bring together interested people in research, prevention and policy, who can share information and expertise in clusters and contagion effects in suicidal behaviour worldwide.

Learn about this Special Interest Group (SIG) on Culture and Suicidal Behaviour that aims to establish a network of people interested in cultural issues in suicide research and prevention.

IASP and WHO recognise the need to provide expert support to countries, especially low and middle income countries [LAMICs], where suicide prevention action has not yet been initiated or where activities are being undertaken in a non-strategic and uncoordinated manner.

Discover this Special Interest Group that aims to bring together suicidologists with a clear interest in neurobiological aspects of suicidal behaviour and to stimulate research in this domain.

Learn about The Special Interest Group (SIG) on Helplines Best Practice is established within IASP to encourage sharing of experience amongst helpline practitioners and utilisation of research/evaluation findings towards improved satisfaction and outcomes for callers.

This SIG aims to integrate lived experience throughout IASP activities, share information and good practice relating to lived experience with national and international suicide prevention organisations, and promote and support the establishment of lived experience networks/communities globally. We look forward to working collaboratively with other IASP SIGs.

Find information about this Special Interest Group that aspires to generate an international standardized nomenclature on all terms within the area of suicidology, inclusive of death wishes, assisted suicide and bereavement, which may render research more comparable across the globe.

IASP Special Interest Group (SIG) on the prevention of intentional poisoning aims to prevent pesticide poisoning and to promote the development and use of evidence on restricting access to means, regulation, training, and improved medical management.

This SIG consists of an international group of researchers, policy makers, and clinicians who collaboratively study culturally specific suicide risk, as well as the development of culturally-adapted suicide assessment measures. The purpose of the SIG is to conduct research collaboratively. The studies done by this group will not only explore the process of the cultural adaptation of measures, but will provide clinical information to inform prevention programs within at-risk cultural groups.

The main goal of the Special Interest Group (SIG) is to support research and network between researchers dedicated to the study and prevention of suicide in older adults.

Explore this Special Interest Group focused on suicide bereavement and the survivors of suicide.

This Special Interest Group establishes guidelines that promote the accurate, responsible and ethical reporting of suicide in the media.

The main goal of this S.I.G. is to enhance understanding of suicide and self-harm in middle adulthood as important health and social problems, and to support research and network between researchers dedicated to the study and prevention of suicide and self-harm in this group population.

Discover this Special Interest Group focused on issues relating to suicide and the workplace.