Conference Workshops

The following workshop will be incorporated in the Programme.

Suicide Prevention and the Media

Chair: Professor Ming-Been Lee, Department of Psychiatry, National Taiwan University College of Medicine: Head, Taiwan Suicide Prevention Center.

Presenters & Topics:

Ng Yin Ping – Safe messaging in Malaysia: Tailoring advocacy and engagement for suicide prevention in the community’

Jeon, HJ – Media guideline 3.0 in South Korea

Paul Yip – The experience of monitoring and surveillance system of media reporting and social media engagement for mental health promotion and suicide prevention in Hong-Kong

Chia-Yi Wu – The trend of suicide reporting in the media: an effectiveness study of daily surveillance over nine years and WHO guideline violation analysis in Taiwan

Abstract: The media workshop will focus on the relationship between the up-to-date development in media guidelines or national strategies and their impact on suicide prevention. The topics will broadly cover media influences on different populations or its implications. Specific themes will include longitudinal effectiveness analysis of media guidelines adherence and the study about safe suicide-related messaging to increase suicide awareness in the community, among others. It is expected that the audience will be able to learn the most recent development and cutting-edge studies that promote further ideas to reduce suicide deaths and to create a better media environment worldwide for suicide prevention.