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World Suicide Prevention Day - 10th September, 2007

2007 WSPD

Examples of local activities submitted from around the world:

Australia Austria Canada Colombia Fiji Ghana Germany Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Malaysia Mexico New Zealand Norway Pakistan Puerto Rico Scotland Sri Lanka Sudan Switzerland Thailand United Kingdom USA

Australia: United Synergies Ltd & Stand By Response Service
This day is a well attended annual community event held to honour and remember those who have died by suicide and, importantly those who live beyond suicide - the survivors. The event features a welcome from Indigenous land owners,words and thoughts of be reaved people, a music presentation by the Head High Young People's Bereavement Support Group, the release of doves to symbolize those lost to suicide and a Flowers of Remembrance & Honour ceremony at the riverside. The day is attended by survivors, community representatives, emergency responders, political respresentatives and a large media contingent. The day serves to remind the community of the impact of suicide and to encourage support for suicide prevention and postvention as a preventiave measure.The event receives wide media coverage and concludes with a riverside picnic to promote the message that "You are Not Alone".

Austria: ÖGS (Austrian Society for Suicide Prevention)
The Austrian and the German Associations for Suicide Prevention and Colleagues from Switzerland together organize a conference on "The Suicidal Young Person" in Hall in Tyrol, Austria. Aspects of psychiatric comorbidity, addiction, psychosocial consequences of war and violence as well will be under cosideration. As a counterpoint workshops on special aspects, for example the suicidal eldery, will be held. The National Suicide Prevention Programs of the three countries will also be presented and discussed.

Austria: Medical University Vienna
Research results on the "Impact of Firearm Legislation Changes in the European Union on firearm suicide and homicide rates in Austria" will be presented to the european public. The Royal College of Psychiatrists will issue a press release on actual research findings from the British Journal of Psychiatry. This activity will be accompanied by a local presentation of these findings to the austrian media. Authors of the study, the suicidologists Elmar Etzersdorfer, Gernot Sonneck and Nestor D. Kapusta will provide information on suicide prevention strategies around the World Suicide Prevention Day 2007.

Austria: Medical University Vienna, Center for Public Health, Institute for Medical Psychology; University of Vienna, Institute for German Language and Literature and Department of Communication, Austrian Society for Suicide Prevention (ÖGS)
A three-day international and interdisciplinary symposium on Suicidality and Suicide in the Media will be held on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day 2007 in Vienna, Austria from September 27-29. The issue of suicidality demands a continuous historical reflection in order to reach an appropriate contemporary approach in scientific discourse, in suicide preventive activities and in everyday life. Psychological and medical concepts as well as research results of cultural studies and social sciences will be discussed during the symposium. Especially the current "common sense" of suicidality has a great impact on suicide preventive activities in the field of media-induced imitative effects of suicidal behaviour. For that reason, cultural studies, humanities and social sciences can give both important impulses for suicide preventive efforts in public health medicine. For further, detailed information, please visit our symposium homepage: www.vienna2007.info Knowledge from social sciences provide further important aspects concerning suicidality and suicide, as social conditions have often been found to be closely linked to suicidal behaviour and modifiy suicidality in individuals as well as in societies. www.vienna2007.info


Canada: L'Accalmie, accompagnement et hébergement pour personnes suicidaires
À Trois-Rivières (Québec, Canada) se trouve l'Accalmie, une maison d'accompagnement et d'hébergement pour personnes suicidaires. À l'occasion de la Journée Mondiale de la Prévention du Suicide, l'Accalmie a diffusé un communiqué de presse visant à sensibiliser la population régionale à l'augmentation du nombre de suicide chez les personnes âgées de notre région. Les médias suivants ont publié ou diffusés des reportages à l'occasion de la JMPS. 7 septembre 2007, 106,9 FM, L’heure juste 8-9 septembre 2007, Le Nouvelliste, Suicide chez les 50 ans et plus : La région affiche un taux élevé 10 septembre 2007, Radio-Canada (Radio), Chez nous le matin 10 septembre 2007, Radio-Canada (Télévision), Le Téléjournal Mauricie

English version: For the International Suicide Prevention Day, L'Accalmie (temporary and transitory shelter for suicidal people located in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada) reach the local media attention upon the rise of suicides among the elders. The following medias published or broadcast reports for the event. 7 septembre 2007, 106,9 FM (Radio), L’heure juste 8-9 septembre 2007, Le Nouvelliste, Suicide chez les 50 ans et plus : La région affiche un taux élevé 10 septembre 2007, Radio-Canada (Radio), Chez nous le matin 10 septembre 2007, Radio-Canada (Télévision), Le Téléjournal Mauricie

Canada: Grande Prairie, Alberta - Suicide Prevention Resource Centre
You are invited to a gathering at a local city park where the public can visit agency displays while enjoying BarBQued Elk Smokies. Opening ceremonies will include a welcome and prayer delivered by an Aboriginal Elder. A variety of Singers and Dancers representing different cultures will entertain us before our special guest Sheldon Elter performs a one man show. Activities and information will focus on Prevention, Resources available, encouraging asking for help, and replacing stigmas with knowledge, support and awareness. Draws for prizes will be made. On the following Satruday night, youth will gather for a Live Band Concert where information via a power point wall presentation naming community resources will play continuously, printed information, and Suicide Prevention Staff are available, and band members will share their dedication to Suicide Prevention by emphasising the message "you are not alone" and it's OK to ask for help.

Canada: Réseau de Prévention Suicide des Bois-Francs inc., Quebéc
La région Centre-du-Québec lance une vaste campagne de sensibilisation sur la détresse psychologique sous-jascente au suicide chez les aînés. D'une durée de trois (3)ans, cette campagne comprendra une gamme d'activités (ex. brunchs de sensibilisation, pièce de théâtre, ateliers de formation pour réseaux de sentinelles, etc...) La programmation complète de cette campagne sera lancée le 10 septembre 2007 lors d'une conférence de presse nationale soulignant la Journée mondiale de la prévention du suicide. Au Québec, le taux de suicide chez les aînés a augmenté de plus de 80% entre 1977 et 1999.

Canada: The Support Network
We will walk from the Royal Glenora Club to the Legislative Grounds bearing banners that honor loved ones who have died by suicide and placards containing information on suicide awareness/prevention. The ceremony will culminate with a balloon release that symbolizes Lifting the Silence.



FIJI: National Committee on the Prevention of Suicide
Suicide awareness campaign, public meetings, exhibition, mass media presentation, interviews, presentation of new strategies or plans. A March with high school bands through Lautoka City, followed by activities at a Park. Teh activities include booth dispalys, awareness training programs on suicide prevention and handing out of IEC material. A keynote address will also be delivered by the WHO reprsentative in the Pacific. Stakholders, including NGOs, government ministeries, school children, some personnel from the police force and Fiji Army. T-shirts will also be presented to all marchers.

Ghana: Network For Anti-Suicide And Crisis InterventIon
We are planning Open Lecture about the need to incorporate suicide prevention into normal activities ministries, departments and agencies as well as faith-based organizations, etc. Ministries of Health and Education are the targeted Ministries. There will also be Suicide awareness campaign walk about the high level of stigma attached to suicide and seeking mental health in Ghana. Mass interview will be held.

Germany: ISPG (Institut fuer Studien zur Psychischen Gesundheit)
Suicide awareness campaign, fund raising, mass media presentation, interviews, presentation of new research results, presentation of new strategies or plans, open lectures.
Open evening lecture at the Volkshochschule Saarbrücken-Stadt (Schlossplatz) starting at 18:00. Presentation of new research results on the epidemiology of suicide and kick-off for a new prevention inititative. Fund raising for this initiative.

Hong Kong: The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong
Under the main theme "Preventing Suicide Across the Lifespan" this year, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong will organize "Care for Neighbors" Awards Presentation cum Variety Show in the Shek Mun Campus of Hong Kong Baptist University on 9 September. In 2007, SBHK’s volunteers visit various people in need to provide emotional support and call forth in the community the message of loving one’s life and caring for neighbors. Both volunteers and services recipients are invited to join this Awards Presentation and involved in stage performance to celebrate the spirit of mutual aid and support. Understanding leads to new hope, caring leads to new choice. Let’s bring out in full the benevolence in human nature and love each other.


India: Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum
Suicide awareness campaign - Open lectures
Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum - a body of doctors of the institute concerned with health and development - will hold an open session on World Suicide Prevention Day -10th September 2007. Dr.K.Suresh, President, Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum will address a media conference along with Dr. Madhusudan Joshi, Psychiatrist and Dr. R. Sudha, Coordinator on 5th September 2007 at Hyderabad, India.

India: Sneha
Suicide awareness campaign - Open lectures
Sneha is organising a mini marathon which will take place on 9th September 2007 at Besant Nagar. This is to help create awareness in that area and also to help raise some funds for our center.

Ireland. Regional Suicide Resource Office, Health Service Executive South
The Regional Suicide Resource Office of the HSE South has developed a series of information leaflets on self-harm. These are targeted at both young people, their parents, guardians and others who may come into contact with people who self-harm. Supporting these leaflest we have developed two awareness training programmes, one runs for three hours and the other is a full day programme. Both these initiatives shall be launched in our region on 10 September 2007 World Suicide Prevention Day.

Ireland: Suicide or Survive
8th of September - You are welcome to join us for a special event which focuses on suicide prevention. Our building will be used creatively to tell the story. Time 3pm to 6pm Venue The Willow Counselling and Training Centre, 2 Main Street Arklow Co. Wicklow. RSVP by Monday 15th August. info@suicideorsurvive.ie. 10th of September - SOS invites you to a Service which takes place at 8.30 pm on Monday September 10th at St. Anne's Church, Shankill, Co. Dublin. This will be a service of reflection, through music and shared experiences, inviting people to come together to remember those who died through suicide and those who are left behind. For further information contact Kathleen at info@suicideorsurvive.ie www.suicideorsurvive.ie


Italy: Telefono Amico Italia
Telefono Amico Italia is the Italian charity that provides since 1967 - through its 25 associated centres - emotional support for people experiencing distress or despair, including those which could lead to uicide, and it is also a member of IFOTES – International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services since its foundation in 1967. On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day 2007, Telefono Amico Italia will launch an awareness campaign on the importance of non judgemental and empathic listening as a key factor for emotional health, distress and suicide prevention. The campaign will be conducted mainly through the charity press office and its website, in order to gain media and public attention on the subject. A particular emphasis will be put on the relationship with the radio, as a media traditionally sensitive to the ‘listening’ theme. The charity will provide data and information on emotional distress and suicide, and its representatives and volunteers, as well as specialists on emotional health and suicide prevention, will be available for interviews.

Malaysia: Befrienders Penang
Suicide awareness campaign, public meetings, open lectures. Befrienders Penang is organizing a Forum entitled 'Preventing Suicide across the Lifespan'. This forum was organized in conjuction with the World Suicide Prevention Day which falls on 9 September 2007. Link to details.

Mexico: Sociedad Hidalguense de Salud Mental. Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo. Mexico
En conjunto con estudiantes del ultimo semestre de la carrera de Medicina de la Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo, presentar Foros y conferencias encaminadas a la prevención del suicidio. por medio de carteles, conferencias, aplicacion de escalas de detección de riesgo suicida. Con el objetivo de sensibilizar a la población en general al respécto de este grave problema de salud publica. Soy Médico Piquiatra, miembro de la Asociación Psiquiatrica Méxicana y de la federación Mexicana de Sociedades Prosalud Mental. Actualmente laboro como profesor investigador de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo, México y soy catedratica de Psiquiatria y de Psicologia Médica. En el estado de Hidalgo, México aun existen mitos y estigmas al respecto de la Salud Mental.Propongo que el medico egresado de esta Universidad, este bien capacitado para enfrentar esta problematica entre la población. Al igual que el año pasado , espero su respuesta y me pongo a asus ordenes para que el 10 de Septiembre de 2007 no pase desapercibido. Muchas Gracias por responder este correo.

New Zealand: University of Otago
Chris Griffiths and Di Noone from Student Health Services and Nandika Currey from the Injury Prevention Research Unit organized their team of peer educators to distribute generic and custom-made flyers on campus in Dunedin. The generic flyers were from sources such as the NZ Mental Health Foundation and the Ministry of Health. The custom-made flyers were produced from sources such as the Ministry of Health’s Depression Initiative (www.depression.org.nz) and the Canterbury Suicide Project (http://www.chmeds.ac.nz/research/suicide/index.htm). These flyers were developed specifically for University students and offered practical advice on what students could do to help themselves and others suffering from depression and/or suicide. The flyers also included a list of current telephone or the internet support services applicable to Dunedin students. Posters and flyers were also put up in the Residential Colleges. Dr Shyamala Nada-Raja from the Injury Prevention Research Unit gave lectures to first year Health Science students on preventing self harm and suicidal behavior, including an overview of an online self-help intervention trial at the University of Otago to reduce depression and related problems (www.otago.ac.nz/rid). Associate Professor Annette Beautrais (Principal Investigator of the Canterbury Suicide Project) and Dr Shyamala Nada-Raja published press releases on local and international suicide prevention research (http://www.otago.ac.nz/news/news/2007/10-09-07_press_release.html), and the online self-help intervention trial to reduce depression (http://www.otago.ac.nz/news/news/2007/09-09-07_press_release.html) on the University of Otago homepage. The press releases were widely distributed via print, television, radio, and internet media to the wider communities in New Zealand.

New Zealand: Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
Creative Pathway: Providing paving chalks and a space where students and staff of the WITT tertiary campus can create an art-work, express words to acknowledge the loss associated with people who have been touched by suicide. Also having a display of information on the Yellow Ribbon campaign - suicide prevention group for people wot access information as required.


Norway: LEVE - The Norwegian Organization for Suicide Survivors
An open national conference in Bergen on the WSPD (10th of September), under the title "Suicide Prevention Across the Lifespan".

Other activities in 18 other places in Norway. www.leve.no

Pakistan: Psychiatry department, Karachi Medical & Dental College, Karachi
God willing we are planning open lectures , a media round table discussion on spirtuality and suicide, a presentation for general practioners, primary care physicians and specialist physicians with specific attention to rational use of anti depressant medication in children and adolescents. We are developing brochures of information on suicide facts and myths.We are planning schools tecahers awareness screening programs.

Pakistan: Psychiatry department, Karachi Medical & Dental College, Karachi
God willing we are planning open lectures , a media round table discussion on spirtuality and suicide, a presentation for general practioners, primary care physicians and specialist physicians with specific attention to rational use of anti depressant medication in children and adolescents. We are developing brochures of information on suicide facts and myths.We are planning schools tecahers awareness screening programs.

Puerto Rico: Comision Para la Prevencion del Suicidio
Conversatorio " Suicidio: Perspectivas de Los Lideres Religiosos y su Compromiso de Ayuda ". Diálogo con seis líderes católicos, protestantes, musulmanes, judíos,espiritistas racionalistas quienes exponen su visión del suicidio y la ayuda que ofrecen sus organizaciones a la persona en riesgo y a su familia. Un total de 700 personas asistirá a este evento en Guaynabo,Puerto Rico.

Scotland: Choose Life
A whole host of events and activities will be taking place across Scotland to mark World Suicide Prevention Day and Suicide Prevention Week in Scotland (10-16th September). Suicide Prevention Week in Scotland is co-ordinated by Choose Life, the Scottish Government's strategy and action plan to prevent suicides in Scotland. The theme for the week in Scotland is ‘talking and listening can save lives’. On Monday 10th September, The Minister for Public Health, Shona Robison and Craig and Charlie Reid of the well known Scottish band "The Proclaimers" launched a bold artwork that aims to bring suicide firmly into the open and highlight that "talking and listening can save lives." Featuring the faces of nearly 500 people from all over Scotland the large scale 20 x 10 feet collage spells out the word ‘SUICIDE’, and carries the message "Talk, Listen. Save Lives" The sea of faces includes people from all walks of life, as well as The Proclaimers, radio presenters, the First Minister, Deputy First Minister, Minister for Public Health and other politicians and celebrities, who have all pledged to talk more openly about their feelings and make time to listen to others. The artwork sends out a clear message of hope, demonstrating that Scots are uniting in their support of suicide prevention. People around Scotland will be able to see the artwork this week as the collage tours the country on a travelling billboard, driving home the message that talking and listening can save lives. The collage will then return to Artworks, a community arts project based in Glasgow for people from homeless or disadvantaged backgrounds, where it was created and where additional photographs will be added as they arrive. This is being followed by various events and activities around the country, from film previews highlighting the issues of mental health and suicide, creative art workshops, remembrance services, talent shows celebrating reasons to live, as well as SuicideTALK and ASIST workshops to a diverse range of people. Choose Life has also developed a resource called "The Art of Conversation" which provides useful facts and myths about suicide, information on how to spot the signs as well as top tips on how to listen effectively and strike up difficult conversations. For more information visit: www.chooselife.net/spw


Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Sumithrayo
Public meetings : with CBOs like YMCA, YMBA and SOS Village. Raising Awareness and giving then questiome. Create an open forum to discuss myths and myth conceptions related to suicidal behaviour. How to identify High risk groups. Preventive measures etc. Mass media presentation, interviews : Through Electronic media - A live programme with a moderator asking questions with regard to Suicide and Suicide Prevention. Wasanthe Kotuwella answers. Since it is a live programme, viewers too have the opprtunity to ask questions. We encourage viewers to participate.

Sudan: Ministry of Health
Public meetings - Open lectures - Suicide awareness campaign - Mass media presentation, interviews proposal for a research (Reasons and psychosocial stressors in attempted suicide in SUDAN)

Switzerland: Stop Suicide
We'll start the campaign in august 25th with a marathon where children will be running against the suicide. The campaing will last four week during wich we'll have a lot of small proximity actions using film projections, plays, lectures, conférences and such to open debates and discutions on the suicide probleme. We'll concentrate however on the youth suicide prevention by promoting discution particularly in the schools, youth centers and community centres. On the 10th of september, we'll have a press conference and and a convivial picknick in a parc in the middle of Geneva. During these four weeks, we'll also have a billposting campaign on the wrong ideas people tend to have about suicide. For more information please see: www.10septembre.ch

Thailand: Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University
Prof. Pichet Udomratn, President of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand (PAT) has initiated the PAT Project for WSPD. On 7th September 2007, PAT in collaboration with the Thai Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health and Rajavithi Hospital will organise a public meeting including lectures on the "Current Suicide Situation in Thailand", "Suicide Survivors", and a seminar in which both suicide survivors and psychiatric patients who have previously attempted suicide will discuss with the audience their own experiences. Pamphlets on depressive disorders and suicide prevention strategies will be delivered to audiences. The Media are also invited to attend this public meeting. We hope that this activity will draw the public’s attention to the issue of suicide prevention and also the WSPD. We also expect that the Media will report on this activity to reach the whole of the nation on 10th September, 2007.

United Kingdom: Samaritans of Walsall & District
Fund Raising: Sponsored swim by one of our supporters, taking place at a local leisure centre. Miles Swims a Mile to Support Samaritans...

USA: Active Minds at CSU, Colorado State University
An email message was sent out to the Colorado State University Active Minds at CSU list serve. The message alerted members to the World Suicide Prevention Day today and gave them a mnemonic device for recognizing the warning signs to suicide, taken from the American Association of Suicidology. We have a meeting tonight and will observe 3 minutes of silence for the loved ones who have died by suicide and their survivors.

USA: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Out of the Darkness Walk to support AFSP and to raise awareness and for healing of survivors - September 30th, 2007. Westport, CT

USA: Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss
Fun Run/Walk Suicide Awareness Event:
This is a non-competitive fun run/walk event titled: Spirit of Hope, Spirit of Healing...One day at a time. It is a walk for suicide awareness. Proceeds benefit Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss a 22-year non-profit organization providing survivor support and suicide prevention education in Central California, Fresno County, California. For more info about Fresno SOS, visit www.fresnosos.org